Dear Friend:

To Acquire an Available Painting is simply a matter of contacting the Studio to work out the details.

To Commission a Painting is also just a matter of contacting the Studio to work out the details.

Whether you would like to acquire an existing Painting or would like to arrange to have a special subject painted, either for yourself or as a Special Gift for someone special, here is a brief summary of
A fifty-percent deposit of the agreed upon price is required before shipping an
existing Painting (Custom-Framed or Unframed) or beginning a
Commissioned Work. You will have 7 Days from the time your Painting arrives
to decide if you are pleased with your Painting. If you decide that you want to keep
your Fine Art Painting, simply send your check or use PayPal to
pay the balance in full from the invoice that will be enclosed. Other wise, you may
return the Painting at your expense immediately after 7 days, and in good condition, in the same
shipping crate. When we receive it, we will immediately mail you a
refund of your full deposit. Isn't that fair? You will either have then Acquired
a Valuable Fine Art Painting if you pay the balance due, or you will have
received a full refund of your deposit should you return it.

Regarding Commissioned Paintings: The Availability of Studio Time
varies according to work in progress and the season of the year. Once a Commissioned
Work is begun, it is not left until it is finished. If you are contemplating ordering a
Special Painting, the sooner you contact me, the sooner we can work out
all the details including pricing and the sooner I can give you a
firm Delivery Date.
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Phone: 716-372-3514
Mailing Address: Jan David Legere, 3972 Church Rd. Allegany, NY 14706