Title: "August Morning, Belfast Harbor, Maine"
Description: 24" x 18" Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas.
( SOLD ) Private Collection

Subject is the Harbor Waterfront at Belfast, Maine. This Oil Painting was based from an on-location Watercolor done one crisp and sunny morning in August back in 1982. Since then, many changes have been made to Belfast's Waterfront which I knew well during the years I lived and Painted in Belfast (1978-1985)

My Brother, Jon S. Legere, well-known American Artist, (1944-1996) had a combination Red Caboose, Flat Car and Box Car "Studio" at the Belfast, Moosehead Lake Railroad Yard which, at that time, was situated right at the water's edge. During those years, I had occasion to spend time there sketching, painting and helping Jon Silkscreen some of his Limited Print Editions.

Jon's Pre-Civil War Wooden Caboose, which he fully restored to "rail-worthy," was used by the Belfast, Moosehead Lake Rail Road, in place of their own Steel Caboose, whenever Jon wanted to schedule a day's round trip up to Burnham and back... which he would do now and then for his friends. I road the rails with Jon a few times. Norman, the Rail Road's Conductor/Breakman, rode with us in Jon's Caboose keeping in touch with "Red" the engineer operating the big Diesel Engine a dozen or so Frieght Cars up ahead of us. Also, fondly remembered, were the evenngs Jon and I spent beside his Caboose in the Railroad Yard relaxing and dining on Lobsters and some good wine. Jon shared many of his interesting stories while we sat at his 3-legged "non-tip" table illuminated only by the soft light from his prized antique Kerosene Rail Road Lantern.

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