Title: "Morning Jaunt"
28" x 24" Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas / Private Collection

Our Children (7, first marriage) all knew this circa 1890's Barn very well. It was on our neighboring "Willard Zerby" 80-acre farm which we purchased in the early 1970's. We bred, raised and trained Registered American Quarter Horses there along with keeping the Children's personal Horses and Ponies, a few Beefers and an always-freshened Family Milk Cow.Each of our 7 Children, (4-Girls, 3 Boys) have their own memories of the way things were during their growing-up years on and around this old farm.

Paintings over the years, commissioned by others of their FamilyFarms, Estates. Homes, etc., have served to preserve their Treasured Memories from now through future Generations.

Commissioned Paintings have been done by my going to the location when possible. Others by using Family Photographs as references to "re-construct" a composition with elements of the past incorporated into it. Etiher way, the end result is a Fine Art Painting of the ways things were at the time period the Painting is created to preserve for the Family.

For examples, "As it was" Paintings that have been done include: A South Dakota Family Farm "as it was" back in the early 1930's before the present owners were children; The "Fraternity Village General Store" in Searsmont, Maine "as it was" in the late 1970's; and too many others to mention here. Bottom line is that each Fine Art Painting has become a Treasured Family Heirloom these many years later.

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